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Buying Into Other People’s Realities

Have you ever had the experience of realizing that you just gave up your reality for someone else’s?  Do you find yourself either aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting to what other’s assert is “the truth”? Often people try, consciously or unconsciously, to impose their beliefs, opinions and conclusions as absolute truths that you [...]

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Is “perfect” the only outcome that will satisfy you?  Do you find yourself focusing on the one percent that is not right instead of the 99 percent that is?  Over and over again I work with people who have bought the idea that if something isn’t “perfect” then they have failed.  This seems to be [...]

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Do you know anyone who suffers from addictive or compulsive behaviors?

Have you or someone you know ever used food, drugs, drinking, sex, cigarettes, perfectionism, or the wrongness of you to avoid being you or themselves? What if the grip of addiction is a lie? What if you could end compulsive behaviors with ease? Please join me for this FREE introductory tele-class! We will explore what [...]

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Letting Go Of Guilt

Have you felt guilty within the past month? Do you find yourself not doing things you would like to do in order to avoid guilt? How much of your life are you eliminating with guilt you are feeling? Most of us were raised to believe that guilt not only indicated that we had done something [...]

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Questions To Ask

How does it get better than this? — Gary Douglas


"Marilyn Bradford through Right Recovery for You and Access Consciousness has shown me a more effective, rewarding and liberating path through addiction and recovery. I now see the reasons and underlying causes for my choosing to use drugs. I have discovered that to avoid the awareness behind my desire to use takes everything I am and can be away from me. I now judge myself less for my past using and make conscious choices. I just perceive less and less the 'wrongness' of me and my...


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